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Hiving spent a goodly number of years around schools, mostly colleges, in addition to teaching and helping found Perelandra College and serving the school in several capacities, I spent about a dozen years as an academic advisor at San Diego State U. Also I have helped support (mentally and financially) two offspring and two wives through many years of college and am currently helping support my Zoë.

On account of all this (and more) experience, being a writer by nature, I feel compelled to pass along observations and opinions. The result of this compulsion is Rats in the Ivory Tower, which should interest anyone who may be in college, working at a college, intending to go to college, or whose kids, grandkids, or friends may one day attend college. Some topics will include finding the right college fit; tenured vs. part-time faculty; the use and abuse of affirmative action; how to get scholarships without resorting to bribery; using college to prepare for real life; whether to choose a public or a private institution; starting at a community college vs. entering a university from the beginning; whether to stay home or go away; and what can we do to make colleges better and far less pricey.

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Ken Kuhlken
Some of Ken’s favorites are early mornings, the desert in spring, kind and honest people, baseball and other sports played by those who don’t take themselves to